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Responsibly sourced. Deliciously enjoyed. Chocolate The Frey Way is fair, fresh, responsible, certified, sustainable, premium and delicious. Our rich history and tradition of producing great-tasting chocolate is matched by our commitment to responsibility and sustainability. Where we source our ingredients, our UTZ certification, our time-honored recipes and our dedication to providing you with a premier chocolate experience all combine to form chocolate that’s made and enjoyed The Frey Way.
25%+ Nuts 100% Swiss Enjoy Swiss chocolate with more fresh, crunchy nuts. More than 25% of our Crunch Nut Bars are made of freshly roasted hazelnuts or almonds so you get the perfect, blissful bite every time. Not only do you get the experience of responsibly sourced blond, milk or dark chocolate, you get the protein to power you through snack time. Shop Crunchy Nut Bars
Chocolate with a Clear Conscience Our premium chocolate is carefully crafted through a bean to bar process. This process is where our Swiss heritage meets global honesty. Exotic cocoa beans are farmed fresh and fairly. Ingredients are responsibly sourced and UTZ certified. And we give back to those who help make our chocolate the best it can be for you and your family. Because that’s The Frey Way. Learn More

Chocolat Frey has been the preferred brand of chocolate in Switzerland since 1887. We take pride in our rich Swiss heritage as we continue to produce premium, great-tasting chocolate in a responsible, sustainable manner that benefits everyone involved in our bean to bar process.