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All about UTZ

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

What does UTZ mean? UTZ is an indication of sustainably produced cocoa, and fair labor practices. UTZ is the largest program in the world for sustainable cocoa. UTZ certified cocoa is produced in 21 countries, using more than 760,000 cocoa farmers in the program! Chocolate products with the UTZ name/logo are available in 128 countries, so everyone can enjoy chocolate with a clear conscience!

Cocoa industry

The cocoa sector faces several challenges of the unethical use of chemicals, deforestation, and poor farming management. All of these are threats to cocoa farming sustainability, and the environment itself. Many people are aware of these issues, but not aware about the companies that are making a difference and succeeding in their sector.

The UTZ program for cocoa has been very successful, and they are working to grow it stronger. Purchasing and searching for UTZ certified cocoa products makes a big difference. Next time you are at the store, be sure to grab UTZ Certified Chocolate (any Chocolat Frey product), and make buying sustainable UTZ cocoa products the benchmark for all chocolate purchases.

Rainforest Alliance

Did you also know UTZ is a part of the Rainforest Alliance? The rainforest alliance works in many ways to restore ecosystems, stop deforestation, and lead programs in creating more sustainable and “climate-smart” farming. They work directly with farmers to ensure sustainable agriculture now, and for years to come. There is a constant race with feeding the population, while trying to conserving the environment, with constant increases in population. In order to have a future for farmers and the world, sustainability has to be the number one priority. These two programs world together to conserve forests and land, help farmers have sustainable lives and farms, refresh agricultural landscapes, and so much more. You can read more about them at

Chocolat Frey has been certified by UTZ, and the Rainforest Alliance to make a difference in the cocoa sector. UTZ certified cocoa guarantees better farming practices that respects people, and the planet. We meet certain social, ecological, and environmental criteria set by UTZ, and in return, the buyers of our beans pay a premium. This premium then goes back into the communities of farmers who produce our cocoa. Conducting training, buying equipment for production, and financing social projects are just a few examples of how these communities benefit from the premium. Together with a cash premium paid by Chooclat Frey, the income of workers increases, therefore improving their lives, and their living conditions.

Chocolat Frey constructed a health center with a maternity ward for the farmers and others in their community. This was a huge success, and they also now have a motorcycle at the health center so they can easily, and quickly, deliver vaccines to people in need who live farther away. More than 2500 people in the area now have access to basic medical care. Schools, houses, expanded schools, solar electricity, and water plants have all also been built for the people in these communities. Chocolat Frey sticks to their values about giving back, and truly cares about the welfare of the people, and the environment, around them.