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Discover Switzerland's Favorite Chocolate

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

Why Choose Frey?

Did you know that Chocolat Frey is the #1 Chocolate in Switzerland?! So, what makes it so special that the experts of chocolate chose our brand as their favorite? The answer starts from the source, where our cocoa beans are planted and harvested by our dedicated farmers.

Over a Century of Tradition

The foundation for success of Chocolat Frey was established in 1887 by brothers Robert and Max Frey in Aarau, Switzerland. Their story and passion for chocolate has lived on for over 130 years, and has played an important role in the development of chocolate. From an exclusive delicacy eaten by few, to a sweet treat enjoyed by many, we have mastered the art of premium chocolate. What began with a cocoa bean, has now transformed into a world of creation and sophistication in the chocolate making industry. Today, Chocolat Frey has expanded into North America with current U.S. headquarters and factory at SweetWorks, Inc. in Buffalo, NY. To continue creating the #1 Swiss Chocolate, we blend our mission of fair trade and sustainability with our delicious, premium chocolate recipe. Our GMO-free ingredients are crafted together by dedicated farmers and chocolatiers to deliver an exceptional taste and experience that’s “Simply Swiss”.

High Swiss Quality

Not many companies can pride themselves in saying they have a personal relationship with their cocoa farmers, where both parties are very committed to each other. Here at Chocolat Frey, we use a Bean to Bar method to farming which treats farmers fairly and with respect. Once we purchase the cocoa beans from our farmers, we then handle the rest in-house. In efforts to sustain long lasting relationships with our producers, we have implemented health centers, houses, school extensions, a maternity ward, and clean water projects into the communities of our cocoa farmers. Long-term partnerships have a positive effect on local development, and produces higher quality chocolate in the long run.

With a 33.2% share of the Swiss retail market, we have been number one in the Swiss chocolate market for many years… and counting!

Bean to Bar

What does Bean to Bar actually mean? Bean to Bar Chocolate refers to a process in which cocoa is farmed sustainably. From the bean to the chocolate, each stage of the harvesting and production processes are carefully managed by experienced chocolate-makers and chocolatiers. Our company has full control over production, since we purchase our beans directly from our exclusive partners in the Ivory Coast, and create the end product in-house.  In order to be able to produce high-quality Swiss Chocolate, you have to be aware of what is happening at every stage of the production process. “Chocolate from the house of Frey has always been premium chocolate produced with utmost care using the best raw materials – 100% made in Switzerland. To this day, Chocolat Frey’s chocolatiers are responsible for, and monitor, each individual production step themselves – from purchasing the cacao beans, to roasting them in the factory, to carefully processing the sublime chocolate. This is the only way to guarantee supreme quality in the long term.”

What else makes us the #1 Swiss Chocolate? We comply with several social, environmental, and ecological standards, to ensure fair treatment of workers, and the environment. At Chocolat Frey we only use first-class raw materials to produce the highest quality chocolate for our consumers. With several unique products and items, in every shape and size, everyone is sure to find something they will absolutely love.