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For The Planet, and The People

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

Since our founding in 1887, Chocolat Frey has maintained a strong commitment to protecting our planet through sustainable farming practices and responsible waste management. Values such as these are only part of what makes Frey the #1 brand of chocolate in Switzerland. In order to continue producing responsible, delicious-tasting premium Swiss chocolate for the world to enjoy, we continue to build upon our global sustainability values.


At Chocolat Frey, sustainability is one of the most important ideas we value. We work hard to reduce our use of resources, and recycle what we don’t need. Reducing our use of resources such as water, energy, and raw materials from every step of the value chain makes a huge impact on the environment, and still allows for the creation of delicious craft chocolate! Beginning with cultivation, moving to procurement, production, consumption, recycling, and every step in between, everything is monitored closely to make sure we are as being as sustainable as possible.

Some of the current goals the company has is to reduce food waste by 15%, reduce packaging materials by 10%, and reduce the C02 emissions of fossil fuels by 12%. Currently, Chocolat Frey is recycling 80% of waste from production, and 80% of cocoa beans produced are UTZ certified using sustainable farming!


Chocolat Frey makes it easy for consumers to shop responsibly. UTZ certified, GMO Free, Bean to Bar, and sustainable farming are just a few things we pride ourselves on being able to say about our chocolate. However, many relationships and partnerships have been built up over the years to get this far. On the south coast of West Africa lies a small country called the Ivory Coast. The region of West Africa is the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans (about 40% of the world’s cocoa), and locals earn a relatively high income per capita for that area. Chocolat Frey has been buying its cocoa beans directly, and exclusively, from the Necaayo Coop Group in the Ivory Coast since 2012. There are about 500 farmers in the community that produce cocoa for this company. Chocolat Frey has financed several projects for these communities, and everyone around them, to give back to them as much as possible.

Frey gives back

Here at Chocolat Frey, we care about the farmers who harvest our cocoa beans just as much as the final chocolate itself. Which is why we constructed for a health center in the Ivory Coast  community with a maternity ward. This has given around 2,500 people access to basic medical care! In addition to the health center, they also have implemented a water pump and solar electricity plant for the families in the area. Other projects completed include the construction of two houses for nurses, midwives, and their families, and an expansion of a school. The health center also now has a motorcycle which means that doctors can deliver vaccinations in the community quickly and easily in the event of an emergency.

Other projects have been implemented in other areas of the world as well. A drinking water project was completed in Ghana, where 50,000 gained access to clean drinking water. Chocolat Frey formed a partnership where part of the premiums of the cocoa beans were used to implement 86 water pumps in 6 regions of the country. Charitable projects were also financed in Ecuador where they were able to rebuild a defective drinking water treatment plant.

Chocolat Frey’s commitment to their farmers has shown to have long-term effects on the people, and their communities. In return, that has led to better quality work, and higher quality chocolate. 

Long term goals

The goal by the year 2040 is to use 100% sustainable raw materials, 100% renewable energy, and have 100% recycling. This means, by 2040 we will only process sustainable raw materials, will work solely with renewable energy, and are aiming for closed ecological cycles. However, these changes have to be gradual, and Chocolat Frey already has plans set in place to get there.