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From Bean to Bar

Mon, Oct 21, 2019

What does Bean to Bar actually mean? Bean to Bar Chocolate refers to a sustainable farming process for our cocoa. From the bean to the chocolate, each stage of the harvesting and production processes are carefully managed by experienced chocolate-makers and chocolatiers. Our company has full control over production, since we purchase our beans directly from our exclusive partners in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, and create the end product in-house. 

In order to produce high-quality Swiss Chocolate, you have to be able to control every step of the production process. “Chocolate from the house of Frey has always been premium chocolate produced with utmost care using the best raw materials – 100% made in Switzerland. To this day, Chocolat Frey’s chocolatiers are responsible for, and monitor, each individual production step themselves – from purchasing the cacao beans, to roasting them in the factory, to carefully processing the sublime chocolate. This is the only way to guarantee supreme quality in the long term.” At Chocolat Frey, we only use first-class raw materials to produce the highest quality chocolate for our consumers. We have a close partnership to our farmers in the Ivory Coast who cultivate our cocoa beans, then ship them directly to us. We then take over the rest in-house at our roasting plant, from production to packaging, down to the final product and distribution.

Sustainable farming is something Chocolat Frey prides ourselves over, since we know we are treating our workers, and the environment, with respect. Having a close partnership with our cocoa producers is where it all starts. Not only are these farmers our exclusive partners for our cocoa beans, we also give back to them in every way possible. Locals earn a relatively high income per capita for their region, and our company alone employs about 500 farmers. However, we don’t stop at just those 500 farmers. Chocolat Frey gives back to the whole community by allowing access to basic medical care to over 2,500 people in the Ivory Coast community! Chocolat Frey has constructed a health center with a maternity ward in their community, a water pump, a solar electricity plant, houses, school expansions, and much more. The health center now has a motorcycle so doctors can easily deliver vaccinations to those in need quickly in an emergency. Our farmers and other people in their communities are very grateful and we are lucky to be partnered with them. Our commitment to the people of the Ivory Coast has a positive effect on quality of work, and in return, higher quality chocolate.

Since we control everything down to who is farming our cocoa beans, it is clear we care about the quality of our Bean to Bar chocolate. In addition to our Bean to Bar certification, we also pride ourselves on being UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. Both of these certifications also refer to sustainable sourcing and farming. Using high quality ingredients in our chocolate also allows our chocolate to be GMO-free certified as well.