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History of Chocolat Frey

Tue, Sep 17, 2019

The History of Chocolat Frey


The foundation of Chocolat Frey was set in 1887 by brothers Max and Robert Frey. The company has been around for over 130 years, and their passion is still seen in the company, and employees, today. Chocolat Frey has elevated the art of chocolate making, which has pushed them to the top of the charts. Chocolat Frey is the #1 Chocolate in the Swiss retail market, and continues to innovate and expand. Creation of high quality products, sustainability, reduction of their environmental footprint, and close partnerships with their farmers are just a few things valued at Frey. Our products are GMO-free, UTZ certified, and follow a Bean to Bar farming process that enforces fair treatment of workers, and the environment.

1887: Robert and Max Frey founded the partnership in Aarau, Switzerland

1888: 2 separate production sites were pulled together, and powered with electrical energy

1903: Starter products for Frey included Frey chocolate bars, chocolate powder, soups, and energy products. However, the soups and energy products were clearly discontinued to run a pure chocolate company

1906: Became a corporation- Chocolat Frey AG


1914: Demand for chocolate increased after the outbreak of WWI, but in 1923, the post war years were tough for the chocolate market, and sales didn’t recover until far later

1932: Robert Frey’s son took over as the largest shareholder and is placed on the board of directors

1939: WWII was another difficult time for the company. Discussed looking for a partner


1950: MIGROS Group (of Switzerland) takes over Chocolat Frey AG. It is the oldest acquired company by MIGROS!

1962: MIGROS expanded the factory to meet the large demand. In 1965, MIGROS built a state of the art chocolate factory for Frey

1967: Chocolat Frey is moved from Aarau to Buchs, Switzerland        

1982: Chocolat Frey becomes the largest chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland!


 1984: Focusing on environmental protection. Discussing ways to switch to environmentally friendly processes throughout the company

1987: Chocolat Frey celebrates their 100th anniversary!

1994: Opened a confectionary extension to the plant and company

1997: Chocolat Frey goes international, and wants to see a heavy increase in exports

2007: Frey starts a sustainable project in Ghana where it finances communities and families the village of Asiakwa, Ghana

2014: Takeover of SweetWorks Confections, LLC in Buffalo, NY and OakLeaf Confections in Toronto, CA. Opening of the brand new visitors center that is a journey around the world of chocolate.



2019: Chocolat Frey focuses on sustainability more and more every day. Reducing the use of resources such as water, energy and raw materials makes a huge impact on the environment, and still allows for the creation of delicious chocolate. By 2040, Chocolat Frey’s goal is to use 100% sustainable raw materials, use 100% renewable energy, and have 100% recycling. Frey also has close relationships with the farmers we work with in the Ivory Coast. Chcoolat Frey buys cocoa beans solely from these communities, and has financed several projects for these communities so their families can have better lives. Health centers, clean drinking water, school expansions, and solar electricity are just a few examples.