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Is Your Chocolate Sustainably Farmed?

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

Chocolat Frey follows a sustainable farming strategy when harvesting raw materials. We ensure fair working and living conditions, and consider the environment and mankind in all decisions. Chocolat Frey is committed to high standards of sustainability, and strives for long-term partnerships with local, small-scale producers. We pride ourselves on being UTZ certified, GMO free, and a Bean to Bar company.


The story of Frey Chocolates begins on the farms of small-scale growers in humid, rainy parts of the world. The quality of a cocoa harvest is determined by the climate, the growing conditions, the cultivation and the harvesting methods. With professional management of the plantations, farmers work vigorously to harvest, dry, and ferment the beans to achieve the highest quality needed for our chocolate.

At the heart of it all, the most essential piece of the puzzle is the cocoa grower. While Chocolat Frey promotes sustainable cocoa farming, the company also wants to improve the living conditions of small farmers, and ensure their farms have a lasting future. For this reason, Chocolat Frey has been collaborating with UTZ since 2010. This means that more than 80% of our processed cocoa beans are UTZ certified! UTZ is the benchmark for sustainable production of cocoa, tea, and coffee. We also are part of the Rainforest Alliance Program that collaborates with UTZ to ensure sustainable agriculture throughout the world.


Did you know that the UTZ logo is an indication of cocoa that is sustainably produced? UTZ certification is a guarantee of sustainable farming with consideration of the people, and the planet. The producers follow ecological and social guidelines set by UTZ, and in return, the buyers of their beans pay a premium. This premium is used to conduct training, to buy equipment for production, and to finance social projects- which benefit the communities of farmers. With better cultivation methods, comes a high quality and quantity of cocoa harvests from the producers. Together with a cash premium paid by Chocolat Frey, the income of farmers is increased, and ultimately, improves their living conditions.

Chocolat Frey’s Strategy

Chocolat Frey’s sustainability strategy cannot be held to one goal or idea. Our strategy involves several long-term goals, relationships, and targeted projects within the company. Due to the incredible commitment of employees and farmers, we have been defining and achieving specific goals for several years, with more plans coming down the road. Chocolat Frey values the importance of social, environmental, and economic aspects of the company equally. A company who sees all three as a strength, is destined for long-term success. While budgeting and monitoring the company’s profitability, we stress the importance of valuing the planet, and the people. Only as a financially successful company can Chocolat Frey maintain its commitment to sustainability, safeguard jobs, and deliver reasonable wages to all.


Consumers should be able to enjoy healthy, delicious products, that are socially and environmentally friendly. At Chocolat Frey, we follow a bean to bar method to farming, so everyone can enjoy our chocolate without a guilty conscience. Chocolat Frey takes social responsibility very seriously, and is always concerned about the welfare of employees, as well as suppliers and producers in various countries around the world. Our company is committed to fair working conditions and equitable wages, while promoting implementation of social values that supports education and training for everyone. Chocolat Frey also focuses on renewable resources and promotes complete recycling of most materials used. A careful use of natural resources promotes long-term preservation of the environment, biodiversity, and viable ecosystems for the future.