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About Frey

Chocolat Frey is high quality, premium Swiss chocolate, and is the #1 Chocolate brand in Switzerland! Chocolat Frey was established in 1887 in Aarau, Switzerland, and has been around for over 130 years! What started as a small company, owned by brothers Robert and Max Frey, has now turned into a globally known brand.

Chocolat Frey has recently expanded into North America with U.S. headquarters in Buffalo, NY! Our chocolate is the #1 Chocolate brand in Switzerland, and we pride ourselves on being a sustainable company. From the farmers who harvest our cocoa beans, down to the end product, we take responsibility for the people, and the planet. Using fair trade and sustainable farming processes, Chocolat Frey is able to produce a high quality premium product, using GMO free ingredients. Our sustainable farming process is known as "Bean to Bar", and because of this, our product is UTZ, and Rainforest Alliance certified.